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Golf got its start in Northfield about 1927 at the so called Sanborn Cottage on Turkey Hill. Two fifteen year old lads, Jack Morse and Homer Denny, worked eagerly with the Sanborn family in building a sod course on the hillside pasture by removing all turf in six foot circles called “browns” instead of” greens” and started playing them. A number of local business men had also taken up golf, playing elsewhere as well as at the Sanborn cottage. Norwich University offered the use of its Sabine field for men to hit golf balls back and forth at certain hours. All these activities were a prelude to the organization of a country club which began when a committee of three, Dean Sibley, Sam White and Max Sanborn studied the possibility of a real golf course for Northfield. A corporation was formed and the Hebert Freeman house and farm near the Harlow bridge were secured. Nine avid golfers volunteered to build a hole, getting other volunteer help. Much of the design and landscape was the work of Mr. Sanborn. The Freemans continued to live in the house for several years, Freeman serving as groundskeeper and his wife in charge of the clubhouse.

An added incentive for golf was the enthusiasm of Lester Heon, a pro of Montpelier Country Club, who started giving lessons here even before a course was built. Trees were planted on the course, and later the clubhouse was enlarged and modernized. During WWII years James Cruikshank and John Moseley held the organization together while other members were gone and kept the course in good condition. For many years members played highly competitive matches with other clubs.

Over the years many community members have contributed to the growth and success of the club those include the Fernandez, Denny, Cruikshank, Wright & Tracy families to name a few. The club also has seen many expansions and upgrades to the course over the years. Recently the club overcame one of its toughest challenges when Tropical Storm Irene wreaked havoc on its’ five bridges that spanned the dog river and damaged the 1st, 2nd and ninth fairways. Currently the club has 200 members and is open to the public daily.

Since purchasing Northfield Country Club in 2020, current owner Ted Hoehn has made significant ongoing investments and improvements to the Clubhouse and the course.